Performers – 9th Encore!

We congratulate our group of Encore! Sydney Pole Show performers! This is the final Encore show before we go on hiatus. They are sure to be on cloud 9 when they take part in our 9th show on 19 January 2019…

Abby Eff

Abbey Eff, originally from Minnesota has been pole hopping around the world for the past 2 years living out of a bag, which, is not easy with all the pole shoes! She’s been pole dancing for 6.5 years starting with almost no fitness or dance background and has been competing, instructing and performing for 4 years. She loves putting on a show and moving her bod around that pole!

Achieve Synergy

All our girls range from mid intermediate – advanced levels with all different dance backgrounds. When we dance we dance together and all work as one.



An Dre

An Dre

An Dre has been pole dancing for nine years. He was hooked after his very first pole class. Despite having no gymnastics or dance background An Dre is known for his intricate floor work and sexy choreography. When performing An Dre has a very dark and theatrical style.


andrea james lui

Andrea James Lui

Andrea James Lui is best known in the international pole community for her high energy, fun, and theatrical performances such as Pokémon, I’m On A Boat, Westworld, and most recently, Tetris. This will be her 4th appearance at Encore! Sydney Pole Show and she is proud to support their ongoing efforts in creating opportunities for unique new artists to flourish!


Buddy O’Boy

Buddy O’Boy has been pole dancing for just over two years at his home studio, Bottoms Up Dance. Prior to pole dancing he had no formal dance or gymnastics training but occasionally moonlighted as a drag performer before hanging up his heels and wigs. Buddy is a camp, high-energy performer whose sole objective is to bring a smile to your face.



Cecilia was born in China but grew up in New Zealand then later moved to Australia. She also lived in Sweden for a year and completed her research on eating disorders there. She has been pole dancing for 2 years in total. She loves seeing the progress both her body and mind has made since dancing. Before this, she wasn’t even able to do a proper push up, let alone the splits!

Crimson Crotch

James and Evan joined the pole dancing world almost 4 years ago and instantly fell in love with it. They haven’t looked back since, well maybe to see how good their butts looked in their cheeky pants! They have worked hard to climb their way through the levels with blood sweat and glitter. James and Evan just love to get out and share their extreme love for pole dancing and performing, whilst looking fierce and representing the men in this awesome sport.

deb roachDeb Roach

Deb Roach has won her division in the International Pole Championships 3 times and appeared in Encore twice before running away to join the circus in England.


Double Entendre

Double Entendre is a group of four women from Pole Dance Academy in Sydney. Through hours of tireless rehearsal, colourful bruises, tons of laughter and the (uh-hum) ‘interesting’ positions they experience together, they have become a tight little unit. Featuring the powerful Michelle Fisher, lanky-limbed Isabelle Kingsley, flexible Bangyun Susanna and acrobatic Becca Jung, this team showcases incredible athletic ability and grace with a touch of comedy.

Dum Pling

Dum Pling is short and Asian on the outside, but on the inside is hot, juicy and ready to leave you wanting more. She loves putting on a show and cannot wait to share what she’s got for Encore.

Emma Louise

Emma Louise is from New Zealand and is a pole dancer of over seven years and instructor of over five. She has had the most incredible journey from chubby and unfit to pole unicorn! She has gained some wonderful teaching experience across the world, as teaching has been her primary focus for the past five years.


Foxy is a showgirl with 10 years experience in Australia and overseas.
She taught pole for 6 years on the Central Coast and continues to train at The Peach Pole Studio. Foxy has performed all across Australia as well as internationally in the US and Japan. Foxy also works in sports broadcasting in Sydney and loves to stay active with swimming, frisbee and soccer amongst her favourite activities.

Jungle Fever

Jungle Fever have been pole dancing individually for over 5 years but this will be their first performance together! They are so excited to unveil their new doubles act at Encore and can’t wait to bring a little fear to the crowd!

Kimberley Mahoney

With a background in Ballet and Jazz, Kim has been pole dancing for over 4 years. Currently an instructor at Pole Dance Academy, Kim’s passion for movement and expression has evolved her dance style to combining the fluidity and sensuality of exotic pole with the technique and strength of classical dance.


L2  are Laura and Lynn. They are Yin and Yang; two halves of contrary forces that somehow complement each other to form a whole. Despite having different dance styles and strengths, they work well together challenging each other to try new things and work on expanding their pole repertoire. They are no strangers to the stage as solo competitors, but they have been dancing together as a duo for a year at their home studio Hanger66 (QLD) under the guidance of Amy Jenkins.


Luna is a Sydney-based pole performer, instructor and studio manager. She has performed locally & internationally in Pole Theatre, the Australian Pole Championships, Pole Candy, Hardcore, MPD NSW, Exotic Generation and more, and is known for her flexy flowy style and amazing costumes.



Marian has a background in Classical Ballet and dance. Lyn has a background in classical music. Lyn was dragged into pole dancing by a friend who didn’t want to go by herself and Marian decided she wanted to try it too. Being mother and daughter, they had to try doubles together! They enjoy the challenge of doubles and learning new tricks despite the occasional kick to the head.

Old Moles on Poles

Old Moles On Poles is a crew of pole dancing oldies,  who train at The Pole Gym Capalaba with the youngest being 42 and the oldest being 58. The group was formed after sensing a divide between the generations at the studio and in response, decided to create a performance troupe to celebrate what ageing polers are capable of!


Sylvia and Oryx have come together as Orvia to explore weird shapes and dance textures. They are both drawn to the little details and unconventionally beautiful shapes and movements, especially the ones others would look past or discard.

Pole Catz Gold Coast

Pole Catz Gold Coast has been running for just over 10 years. Pole Catz loves to give it’s students performance experience of all kinds. The current owner Nicole Eden will be competing in her first Miss Pole Dance Australia this year but is just as excited to share their group piece with the pole community.

Simone Maree

Simone Maree has been dancing for over 20 years but took up pole dancing at age 28. She has been training at both Sydney Pole and Bobbi’s Pole for the last 2 years and loves the freedom of movement that comes with dance, having found her own self confidence grow since taking up pole. This has lead her to inspire others on Instagram and spread the word that pole is for every body!

Steven Cragg

Steven started pole at PhysiPole Studios way back in February 2018 with no prior dance or gymnastics experience whatsoever. He quickly fell in love with all the benefits that the training was giving him like strength, flexibility and confidence and met a lot of really nice people. He looks forward to many years of failures, bruises, improvements, success, competitions and pole shows and everything else that comes from being a part of such a fantastic community.

Vertica Belles

The Vertica Belles are a group of professional pole artists, dancers and instructors, including Kim Miller, Stacey Minx, An Dre, Candice Dobbie, Tayla Vanderhorst, Mila Zaric and Georgie Bartlett



Writhe was born of a group of regular attendees of World of Pole’s Wednesday Flow class. Flow has been running since Jan 2018 and is taught by Deb Roach who has won her division in the International Pole Championships 3 times and appeared in Encore twice before running away to join the circus in England.