Performers – 3rd Encore! Sydney Pole Show

Thank you to everyone who sent through their audition pieces, they have shown such creativity and talent, we wish we could showcase them all! We are pleased to announce the lineup of the following performers for the 3rd Encore! Sydney Pole Show. 

Unfortunately due to work commitments and injuries, some of our performers are unable to perform on the night. We’re sad not to be able to see them on stage this time around.

ABBY DURUZ – Aerial hoop

Abby Duruz fell in love with aerial performance when she laid her hands on a trapeze bar and discovered it was just like yoga, only more painful, performative and dangerous.  Since then she’s spun, swung and stunned on trapeze, tissu, lyra and Spanish web.  Her favourite act is dangling upside down from one leg in a spinning duo tango.


Amber is a professional performer and instructor in both the pole dance industry and dance entertainment industry, with an array of pole dance titles under her belt. Amber believes that when it comes to pole dance, she likes to take it as an art form. Combining both the strength skills likened to circus performance, and mixing it with dance and acting skills, she produces an overall show.

ANGELA & BIANCA – Aerial hoop

Angela has been pole dancing for 4.5 years and teaching for 3 years. She loves pole dancing and the Aerial Hoop as it allows her to incorporate her previous dance experience and express herself without feeling judged.

Bianca has been  pole dancing for four years and practising lyra for one year. She loves pole dancing and lyra as they allow her to incorporate both strength and fluidity, and constantly challenge and inspire her to be better than she was yesterday.


Angela was trained in classical ballet for 15 years with some Gymnastics and circus experience. She loves pole dancing as it allows her to incorporate her previous dance experience, testing strength, flexibility and endurance.

Jeff is the founder of Union Yoga and has always had an awareness of the connection of breath and movement.  He is experienced in Figure skating, flying airplanes and gymnastics, all which are fused together in the creation and inspiration of Union Yoga.

*Unable to perform*


Artemis has been pole dancing for three years, and has no prior training in dance or gymnastics and little performance experience. She performed in the first Encore! Pole Show in 2012 and has also performed in burlesque shows and many amateur pole competitions, including winning first place in the Pole Dance Academy Moulin Rouge competition in 2012. Artemis loves pole dancing because it gives her freedom, focus, and joy.


Bardot struggled with her weight and body image all her life. She was sick of being a bigger girl and a year ago a friend suggested she take up pole dancing. It wasn’t easy, but she he was determined to keep going and not quit. She concentrated on pointing her toes and looking ‘beautiful’ when dancing. Pole dancing changed her life. She wanted to be fit, lean and strong and her year of hard work paid off. She’s lost 27 kilos since she started. She loves being up on stage, and while she may not be the athletic ‘tricks girl’ yet, when she dances she feels a sense of freedom and inner strength.


Bonnie has been doing pole for almost 7 years, first competing in Miss Pole Dance Australia 2008 as the first Kiwi to represent New Zealand. She has since made the finals of the Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championships, the International Pole Championships three years in a row and placed 2nd in the NZ Pole Championships.

*Unable to perform*


Deanne has been dancing and performing for over 11 years. She has trained in everything from Ballet and Jazz to Hip Hop and Musical Theatre. She is always looking for new dance styles to try and for the past three years Deanne has been specialising in Pole and Latin dancing.

Bert is a passionate Latin dancer with a strong work ethic. All his spare time is spent in the studio or simply listening to his favourite Latin tunes. He has been training as a Latin dancer for five years and teaching for two. He specialises in Salsa and Zouk.


Deb Roach is a congenital amputee who loves a good challenge. Since winning the title of Ultimate Pole Champion 2012 in the Disabled Division in Hong Kong, Deb has travelled throughout the UK and France as a performer and teacher. She finds immense joy in in the challenge and beauty of pole dance and takes great pleasure in proving to her students that impossible is a fallacy, potential is a reality.


With a background in elite gymnastics and a passion for extreme sports, Emma was a natural when it came to pole dance. Known for her strength and contortion on the pole, Emma’s pole dance style exhibits both grace and athletic beauty. Emma won 2nd place and Best Pole Trick in the doubles division in Miss Pole Dance Australia in 2009, and was a semi-finalist on Australia’s Got Talent as one of the Pure Pole Angels.

*Unable to perform*


Foxy has been a showgirl for six and a half years, having danced around Sydney and Australia as well as internationally in the USA and Japan. She loves incorporating her fun and sexy style of pole dancing into her shows and really enjoys the freedom of expression and movement it gives to a show. She has danced and been a featured on several TV programs, most notably Underbelly Season 2 and Season 4.


Haus of Rock is a group performance featuring:

1. Summer Blazin’
2. Amber Ray
3. Kayt Fitzpatrick
4. Ashleigh Davis
5. Dominique Daly
6. Courtney Hall


Joe-Joe has been dancing since he was 14 having done Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballroom and then Pole Dancing for the past 12 months. In his years of dancing he has competed in many dance competitions including his first pole dancing competition in May – Mr. Pole Dance.


Maddy and Allira have a range of dance styles between them varying from jazz, tap, hip hop and contemporary to Pole dancing, aerial hoop and basic acrobatics.

They have been working together as pole dancing doubles for 2 years and have done many performances at Pole Diva’s open pole nights, Christmas Showcases and various shows at Pole Diva’s ‘Unleashed Amateur Competition’.


Maddy started dancing at a young age doing jazz, tap and hip hop up until the age of 20. She decided it was time to move on from these styles and discovered pole dancing back in 2008. Within a few years she started teaching pole dancing while continuing her own training. She has recently started training in hoops and silks.


Matty first started pole dancing in 2010. After appearing on Australia’s got Talent in 2011, he ventured out to other competitions coming 2nd in APDC 2011 and 3rd in doubles for APDC 2011.

An Dre has been pole dancing for 4.5 years. After his first class there was no looking back. With no dance background, An Dre is known for his strength and control on the pole with his style being very dark and theatrical.

*Unable to perform*


Michelle has been pole dancing for 4 years and teaching for a year and a half. Her performance style has varied, and she’s not sure she can really put her finger on it just yet, although it’s tending to be a little bit comic, a little bit different and have a bit of attitude.

MYSTIQUE ROSE – Aerial hoop

Mystique Rose never danced growing up, feeling it was too girly – she had no co-ordination or balance! Giving dance a try in 2010, she quickly became addicted. She discovered the poise, comedy and tantalising delights of Burlesque and now performs regularly in the Sydney burlesque scene. She pursued her passions even further and is now also a lyra and static trapeze artist.


Nikita started tap, ballet and jazz at age 4 and has completed 2 years of full-time classical ballet training at Brent Street performing arts school. She has achieved advanced classical ballet qualifications in Cecchetti method and has taught open and syllabus ballet classes. In 2010 she started pole dancing, competed in Miss Pole Dance NSW 2013 and performs as a Bobbi’s Babe.


Rachel and Peony have only been learning pole dancing since February this year, however they both have an extensive history of dance. Peony has been doing Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary dance for over 20 years. She has performed in numerous events such as the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympics, and the Rugby World Cup.

Rachel has also been doing jazz, tap, ballet and contemporary dancing for more than 20 years, achieving the highest grade of Honours with Distinction in her final FATD modern and tap performance exams. Rachael performed in the Special Olympics in Sydney, Disneyland in Paris, Universal Studios in L.A, as well as on a Caribbean Cruise travelling around the Atlantic Seaboard.


Ryoko had never heard of pole dancing as fitness until she met two girls who were doing pole dancing four years ago. She was dead impressed by their beauty and strength. Ryoko immediately signed up for pole dance classes and since then, pole dance has become her true passion in her life. Now she teaches and performs around Auckland, New Zealand and enjoys and loves every bit about pole dancing.

SKOPALOVA – Aerial hoop

Lauren (known as Skopalova) began her performance career as a rhythmic gymnast where she medalled nationally on many occasions. After an intense 12 years in gymnastics, Skopalova expanded her talents to something a little more daring, namely burlesque and circus. Skopalova’s specialities include aerial hoop, hula hoops, adagio and gymnastics based burlesque shows. Whether she is ribbon twirling, hula hooping or spinning in the air, Skopalova amazes audiences with her flexibility, skill and charm!

*Unable to perform*


The Miss Fits are made up of teachers from Miss Fit Dance Studio. With a diversity of backgrounds including many different forms of dance, physical education and sports instruction they bring multiple skills and experience. Despite all having full time jobs away from pole, they have displayed incredible passion, dedication and talent as pole dancers.


Vertica Belles is a group performance featuring a diverse mix of talent:

Alisa Gray – Mo and Ace award winning Vocalist
Kim Miller – International Dancer and Pole Dancer
Sam Williams – Pole Dancer
Brooke Rowlings – Pole Dancer
Phoebe David – Pole Dancer
Taylor Bryon – Dancer
Alyssa McRae Taylor – Dancer