Performers – 2nd Encore! Sydney Pole Show

We are pleased to announce the lineup of performers for the 2013 Encore! Sydney Pole Show. We thank our supporters who helped make the show possible and provide this performance opportunity to the pole dance community!


Kristy Sellars has an extensive dance career, not only as a performer herself, but as a choreographer both in the USA and in Australia. She has choreographed a show for Encore! which will feature some of Victoria’s top pole dancers!

Kristy Sellars (Physipole Studios)
Fontaine Bradbury (Arena Pole)
Gracie Buntine (Pole Divas)
Sally Hately (Polelicious)
Lisa Davison (Bottoms Up! Burlesque)


Amber is a professional performer and instructor in both the pole dance industry and dance entertainment industry, with an array of pole dance titles under her belt. Amber believes that when it comes to pole dance, she likes to take it as an art form. Combining both the strength skills likened to circus performance, and mixing it with dance and acting skills, she produces an overall show.


Billie started dancing at the age of 5 doing Tap, Jazz and Ballet for over 10 years, in that time competing in more Eisteddfods than you can poke a stick at! She’s been training at Bobbi’s Pole Studio in Sydney for the last 5 1/2 years and won Sponsor’s Choice Award at this year’s Miss Pole Dance Australia NSW heats.


Known also as the Blue Phoenix, Chris is a doctor of marine biology, but now works as a body transofrmation specialist, fitness model, and pole instructor/performer. He has been doing pole for just over a year.


Daisy has been a professional pole dance instructor, performer and showgirl for over 7 years. She has taught at many of the largest Pole Schools in Sydney and is known and loved by many students. She has performed throughout Australia and overseas, recently in Circus Burlesque, a cabaret show in Japan. She loves staying true to pole dancing’s ‘Sexy style’.


Deb Roach is a congenital amputee who loves a good challenge. Since winning the title of Ultimate Pole Champion 2012 in the Disabled Division in Hong Kong, Deb has travelled throughout the UK and France as a performer and teacher. She finds immense joy in in the challenge and beauty of pole dance and takes great pleasure in proving to her students that impossible is a fallacy, potential is a reality.


Douglas started pole dance four years ago after coming from a circus arts background. He started circus arts at 15 with contortion and fire dancing, moving onto stilt walking, then aerial lyra, tissu and trapeze. He studied ballet at a young age and has always had a passion for movement. Douglas has a mix of chinese and traditional style pole dance.

Douglas will be accompanied on stage by Lisa Tomlins, one of New Zealand’s most versatile performers, who will be singing live during his performance. You may know Lisa by her work with: Rhombus, Shaken Not Stirred, Hollie Smith, Deva Mahal, Shapeshifter, Fat Freddy’s Drop and many more.


With a background in elite gymnastics and a passion for extreme sports, Emma was a natural when it came to pole dance. Known for her strength and contortion on the pole, Emma’s pole dance style exhibits both grace and athletic beauty. Emma won 2nd place and Best Pole Trick in the doubles division in Miss Pole Dance Australia in 2009, and was a semi-finalist on Australia’s Got Talent as one of the Pure Pole Angels. Tammy has been pole dancing for just over 2 years and has a background in jazz, hip hop and contemporary dance. Her passion in pole is to incorporate a lot of dance and storytelling into her routines.


Gem started ballet at the age of 3 and fell in love with the art of dance. Growing up she studied various forms of dance ranging from Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Scottish, Irish, Contemporary, Expressive and then pole and aerial dance. Her titles include Runner up in the Battle Division of Australian Pole Championships 2012, Australian Pole Fitness Championships finalist and 2nd Runner up in the Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championships, Classic Pole Division 2011.


Isis started pole dancing 4 years ago – with no background in dancing or gymnastics! During these 4 years, Isis trained in pole and spent a year of training in aerial arts, mainly silk – which led to an unfortunate broken wrist. She learned about conditioning, rehabilitation and perseverance during these 9 months off. She loves the acrobatic side of pole dancing. She likes tricks that mix strength and grace and embraces the sexiness of pole dancing. She enjoys adopting different characters during her shows.


Jen started dancing at the age of 4. She has studied Jazz, Tap, Classical Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Acrobatics and Lyrical dance, as well as adding Burlesque and Pole to her repertoire at a later age. Jen studied Classical Ballet at the Victorian College of the Arts, has 10 years teaching experience and currently teaches Classical Ballet and Pole.


Kristy has an extensive dance career, having studied ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, Indian, Chinese, musical theatre, tap, flamenco, modelling, singing and more. She has worked in the states on a variety of live shows and music videos, and placed in the top 60 for So You Think You Can Dance. She quickly became addicted to pole dancing when she started in 2007 and then began competing professionally in 2009, winning the Miss Pole Dance Victoria title in 2012.


This is a group with a social conscience who are pole dancing to help save the Kimberley region from being destroyed. Sam Williams (The Outback Pole Dancer) has teamed up with Kim Miller, Brooke Rowlings and Matthew Shields, each a prolific pole dancer in their own right.

Sam Williams is currently touring with a pole dancing show called Polecats, and has recently been travelling throughout the outback raising money for the environment through her pole dancing. Kim has trained professionally in ballet and other dance styles, performing at Lido de Paris, Las Vegas and later as a pole dancer at other high profile events and competitions. Brooke has been performing and competing in dance since the age of 4, becoming a top 5 finalist at the 2010 Asia Pacific pole Dance Championships and in the 2012 Miss Pole Dance Australia competition. Matthew Shields is a male pole dancer who brings his unique influence of Aboriginal dance to his performances. He also represented pole dancing on Australia’s Got Talent in 2011.


Maree has been poling for 4 years, and although ballet and martial arts are her previous physical pursuits, through pole she has discovered her true passion. Known for her graceful and strongly themed choreography, Maree is a regular performer around New Zealand. She is also the producer of the Wellington based ‘Pole Room’, a series of regular shows promoting pole dancers from around the country and fostering a sharing and supportive pole community in New Zealand.


Michael has been pole dancing for a little over 1 1/2 years. His background is in contemporary lyrical dance, and back in the Philippines he danced for about two years and competed as part of a group for another two years. He has also trained in aerial trapeze, silks and lyra. Michael always puts his emotions and heart into his dance, feeling the song and interpreting it with movement, feeling and attitude.


The Miss Fits are made up of teachers from Miss Fit Dance Studio. With a diversity of backgrounds including many different forms of dance, physical education and sports instruction they bring multiple skills and experience. Despite all having full time jobs away from pole, they have displayed incredible passion, dedication and talent as pole dancers.


This group of performers are from PhysiPole Studios in Ballarat.


Rachel and Peony have only been learning pole dancing since February this year, however they both have an extensive history of dance. Peony has been doing Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary dance for over 20 years. She has performed in numerous events such as the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympics, and the Rugby World Cup.

Rachel has also been doing jazz, tap, ballet and contemporary dancing for more than 20 years, achieving the highest grade of Honours with Distinction in her final FATD modern and tap performance exams. Rachael performed in the Special Olympics in Sydney, Disneyland in Paris, Universal Studios in L.A, as well as on a Caribbean Cruise travelling around the Atlantic Seaboard.


With an exuberant personality to match her ever-changing crowning glory, Tamara relishes in her individuality, and expresses it on the pole with her playful yet metal-like pole style. Tamara entered the pole fitness scene three years ago, and appreciating all styles of pole, she hopes to create something truly unique that can only be described as her own.


Travis Scott was here last time performing to Sweet Transvestite, he has returned again showing another side. The 2012 IPC Doubles division – Ultimate Winner. Travis is a leading Australian Cabaret/ Burlesque performer, Travis Scott is trained in Classical Ballet and Contemporary dance. His styles of Pole vary from masculine – feminine, contemporary to theatrical. Pole dancing for almost 3 years his performs across Australia under the stage name “That Pole Guy”


At age 3 Trillian began ballet lessons in New Zealand, with following years seeing her taking lessons in tap and Jazz, gaining her Solo Seal Diploma, the highest honour bestowed at the completion of her jazz syllabus. She performed and competed in dance across New Zealand and Australia, studied performing arts and later discovered pole dance. Trillian’s style of pole incorporates contemporary dance and ballet and she wants to take her style to artistic extremes.


An experienced and passionate pole-dance instructor and performer, Viva has won several pole dance titles and performs a fusion of pole dance and aerial artistry. She has a varied background in dance and performing arts which includes a Diploma of Acting from NIDA. Viva’s performance style combines strength and grace.