Performers – 1st Encore! Sydney Pole Show

Congratulations to the following dancers who performed in the very firstĀ Encore! Sydney Pole Show.


Amber is a professional performer and instructor in both the pole dance industry and dance entertainment industry, with an array of pole dance titles under her belt. Amber believes that when it comes to pole dance, she likes to take it as an art form. Combining both the strength skills likened to circus performance, and mixing it with dance and acting skills, she produces an overall show.


Amy has been pole dancing since 2003 and teaching pole since 2005, with a previous background of ballet, jazz, voice, violin and drama. Amy loves to tell a story with pole, loves to dance and would like to finally start performing publicly whenever opportunities arise that promote the performance side of pole dance that means so much to her. Amy is excited about Encore and grateful for the opportunity, as it is exactly the sort of outlet she was searching for!


Artemis has learning pole dance for just over 2 years and has only performed on stage 4 times. Prior to this she had no dance or gymnastic experience and very little performance experience. Pole dance has become such an important part of her life and she feels that it is an amazing way to express creativity, passion and strength.


Bendy Kate is an innovative pole artist, acrobat, aerialist and hand balancer from the UK. She has won pole fitness titles across the world and was most recently a semi-finalist on the UK’s Got To Dance. Bendy won the hearts of the judges and audience with her strong and beautiful pole performances, breaking the boundaries of traditional pole dance and changing the negative perceptions towards it.


With some circus skills and flexibility to bring to the pole, Callan took up pole dancing at the start of 2011. He has since gone on to compete and win several pole dance titles, and his love for performing only continues to grow!


At the age of six David started training in classical ballet with the Israeli Classical Ballet Center. In later years, David practiced yoga and meditation regularly and was taught the traditional South Indian Bharatanatyam style of dance, which focuses heavily on storytelling. His passion for dance, theatre and performing was rekindled by aerial arts and he was immediately hooked on pole dancing, combining traditional and Chinese pole with theatrics, classical and contemporary dance.


Deb Roach is a congenital amputee who loves a good challenge. In 2009, she won an amateur pole dancing title then went on to win the title of Ultimate Pole Champion in her division at the International Pole Championships in 2012. Pole dancing is a never ending and ever evolving challenge, but one that allows Deb to connect with her love of dance, her feminine energy and her inner strength.


Like many young girls, Delilah grew up doing weekly ballet, jazz, and sometimes tap, classes. Three years ago she found herself attending a pole dancing birthday party, and there was no looking back! Delilah enjoys creating her own choreography, expressing herself through performances and connecting with audience, which has led her to return to ballet and more recently, lyrical dance.


Kapi is a New Zealander who took up pole dancing a year ago after her mum discovered it first! Watching her mum learn new tricks made her jealous, so she had to start herself. With a background in jazz and ballet as a child as well as climbing trees, Kapi is now hooked on pole dancing!


After winning a string of titles in the UK four years ago, Karry moved back to her home country of New Zealand going on to win further titles. Karry’s background in gymnastics gives her the strength and flexibility to perform a high level of skills on the pole, while her love of dance has motivated her to move away from the rigidity of the gymnastics style and explore the expressive side of pole performances.


Kat originally learnt to pole dance in England, and started pole in Australia just over a year ago. She is loving the experience and entered her first pole competition just this year.


Kristy has an extensive dance career, having studied ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, Indian, Chinese, musical theatre, tap, flamenco, modelling, singing and more. She has worked in the states on a variety of live shows and music videos, and placed in the top 60 for So You Think You Can Dance. She quickly became addicted to pole dancing when she started in 2007 and then began competing professionally in 2009.


Lisa has been pole dancing for about six years and has won titles in Miss Pole Dance and The Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championships. She has performed on pole, tissu, trapeze and with hula hoops, but pole will always be her first love. Lisa performs because she feels driven to share a perspective on pole that is uniquely her own.


Lola Grace has always loved to dance, but did not receive any formal dance training until enrolling in a pole dancing course in 2009. She is a natural performer and loves being on stage, considering herself more of a dancer than “trickster” and values flexibility, lines, extension and fluidity as key influences in her style.


Maddie is a former gymnast who has been pole dancing for four years. Maddie’s grace and physique are a source of inspiration for her students. Maddie came 3rd at the Australian Capital Pole Championships in 2011 and was a semi-finalist in the International Pole Championships in 2012.


Megan has been pole dancing for 4 years and loves to entertain! She likes her routines to be fun to watch as well as fun to perform. She has been trained in all styles of dance and also loves sports, so pole dance has been a great way to combine them all together, showing her athleticism, creativity and technical side.


The Miss Fits are made up of teachers from Miss Fit Dance Studio. With a diversity of backgrounds including many different forms of dance, physical education and sports instruction they bring multiple skills and experience. Despite all having full time jobs away from pole, they have displayed incredible passion, dedication and talent as pole dancers.


This group of 6 performers are from PhysiPole Studios in Ballarat.


This group of performers are from Pole Catz on the Gold Coast.


With an exuberant personality to match her ever-changing crowning glory, Tamara relishes in her individuality, and expresses it on the pole with her playful yet metal-like pole style. Tamara entered the pole fitness scene three years ago, and appreciating all styles of pole, she hopes to create something truly unique that can only be described as her own.


Travis has almost 10 years of dance experience, with a strong background in ballet and contemporary dance. He is the current IPC Ultimate Champion in the doubles division.


An experienced and passionate pole-dance instructor and performer, Viva has won several pole dance titles and performs a fusion of pole dance and aerial artistry. She has a varied background in dance and performing arts which includes a Diploma of Acting from NIDA. Viva’s performance style combines strength and grace.


Pole dancing is more than just a fun exercise and great way for Yungie to artistically express myself. She feels that pole dancing is a lifestyle that shapes a big part of who she is. What Yungie loves most about pole dancing is the flexibility that allows the dancer to incorporate different dance styles into their performance; her favourite style being contemporary dance.


Zahra abandoned a legal career in favour of teaching pole dancing, and has run for Parliament twice as a Candidate for the Australian Sex Party. She is a multi award-winning pole dancer, stripper, a trapeze artist and she believes in spreading love around the world from upside-down.