A diverse range of dancers are chosen to perform at Encore!. They are selected based on their performance concept, dance style and skill level, in order to showcase a wide range of dancers and performances across these areas.This is an opportunity for dancers to be creative and entertain in a way that is usually not possible in competitions or on stage. This freedom of creativity has opened the doors for a new style of pole dance performance, and provides paid opportunities for the Australian pole dance community.


Number 1

Have an interesting performance idea

Show us something that you can’t do within the restraints of a competition. Get creative and show us a different way of performing, incorporating different skills or hidden talents. Some past shows have incorporated comedy, politics, musical instruments, live singers, magic, acrobatics, fire eating, burlesque, roller skating and cross-dressing.

Number 2

Be yourself and do things your way

You don’t have to be the best or do the latest tricks. We like to include a mix of pole styles and skill levels in each show. For many of our performers, Encore is the first time they’ve been on stage. Think about how you can showcase the way you like to dance with a unique performance idea.

Number 3

Give us something different

Have a look at our past performer videos and pics for inspiration. Have you thought about teaming up as a doubles, triples or group act? Think about how you can break out of the box and take the opportunity to be creative. Props, costumes and the stories behind your show all contribute to a package that piques our interest.


Here’s a look back at some history that reflects the diversity and creativity that is the Encore! Sydney Pole Show.



zara stardustandrea luichilli
Zara – used the stage to make a political statement in the very first Encore
Andrea – took pole in a new direction with her powerful “Westwood” piece which she later performed for a professional filming
Chilli – at 7 years old, our first youth performer
traindavid helman
Train – a group act featuring an all-star lineup of Victorian professional polers
David Helman – stunned us with his emotive performance using a cinematic backdrop and sign language



We’ve laughed till we cried at some of our comedic performances.

Emma and Tammy Goldmember

Napoleon Dynamite

live music

We’ve had live singers and musicians accompanying polers on stage.

Live singers

Sister act


Musical theatre

And the rest…

Roller skates, snakes, magic, burlesque, and fire eating, are just a few extra skills that our performers have brought to their shows.

roller skatesfireneo-burlesque