A diverse range of dancers are chosen to perform at Encore!. They are selected based on their performance concept, dance style and skill level, in order to showcase a wide range of dancers and performances across these areas.This is an opportunity for dancers to be creative and entertain in a way that is usually not possible in competitions or on stage. This freedom of creativity has opened the doors for a new style of pole dance performance, and provides paid opportunities for the Australian pole dance community.

Auditions 2018


Auditions are held by video submission and will be open to pole dancers across Australia and internationally.

You can email now for your audition pack!

Sunday 3 September: Auditions open
Friday 3 November: Auditions close

We will be looking for:

  • Male and female pole dancers
  • Singers, burlesque dancers, artistic performers
  • Dancers with a unique and individual style
  • Solos, doubles and groups
  • Intermediate – expert dance abilities